helps cannabis companies scale

You're a rapidly growing cannabis brand with big dreams. Are your data capabilities holding you back? We help executives like you create data infrastructure to scale, putting the tools your team needs directly into their hands.

Our Services

We advise, plan, and execute on projects enabling your organization to:

Integrate Systems

Integrate critical business data into one place, so your teams can easily query, analyze, export, and share

Analyze Data

Specialized analytical consulting for deep dives into your data, to drive more revenue or increase efficiency

Automate Processes

Replace burdensome processes with automated data flows and systems, reducing headcount needs and increasing your team's efficiency



10x Leap@2x.jpg
Make the next 10x leap in size

Scaling from $5m to $50m or from $50m to $500m revenue requires new people, processes, systems, and technology. We give brands the data backbone to support this kind of massive transformation without falling apart in the process.

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Keep headcount low

Staffing shouldn’t scale 1:1 with revenue. Automating processes and adding the right technology will help you keep your organization lean and staffing costs under control.

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Get the most out of your staff

Your staff needs to level up, focusing on higher-impact initiatives. Having the right data and systems in place frees them up to focus on the strategic work to move your business forward.

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Stand out from competition

The right data infrastructure will allow you to innovate:

in sales, marketing, distribution, cultivation, and manufacturing. We’ll help you use data to set your brand apart and make your operations more effective.


We're a team of consultants on a mission to help you use your data to grow your business. With backgrounds in ad-tech, enterprise software, management consulting, and retail, we bring a holistic perspective to all our engagements.


George Tam


Kyle Napierkowski

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Don’t take our word for it, see what our customers are saying

“I knew what data and analytics I wanted — but didn’t know the fastest and most efficient path to get there. allowed us to flex into that need without having to hire a whole team... While in the process of building our systems and tools, I am grateful that I can call an expert who has experience with our data and other industries - an expert who asks smart questions we haven't thought of or to challenge our assumptions for a stronger outcome.”

Tori Cole

VP Marketing at Cookies California


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