• Kyle Napierkowski

Data roles for the growing cannabis company

This Thursday 12/3/2020 we gave a presentation on data roles for growing cannabis companies, the skills these roles need, and some tips for hiring and supporting these roles. We were inspired by clients desiring to hire out a data team but lacking some clarity around job responsibilities. We're hoping this information can help other leaders in similar situations.

Some of the topics we covered:

- List of typical and less typical data roles and their corresponding skills

- What is machine learning and why should you care

- Common pitfalls of hiring Data Scientists

- Data & systems architecture needs

- Trends in interest in these roles

- When companies should consider these roles

- Common data pains and how to address them with new talent

- Pros and cons of engaging consultants

The recording is available via Crowdcast and we plan to keep doing these about once/month in 2021. If you have any requests for topics, send us a note to let us know.

Watch now:

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