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Kind words with VP Marketing, Cookies California on GreenData (Interview)

From previous experiences I know you can get nickel and dimed with hidden costs, like in legal situations: getting billed back for 15 minutes for a call. You worry, “Am I really going to get the insights I need at a reasonable cost?”

The team helped us connect the dots across the enterprise. Early visibility and clear communication was super helpful from the very beginning of the engagement. I felt like I had visibility into what they were doing and how marketing data initiatives fit into the big picture.

When I can’t figure something out by myself, I can call or email and get a fast response, which really puts my mind at ease. While we’re building out infrastructure for the future, I love that I have somebody to call that has not only experience with our data but also with other industries, who might say, “Maybe if you look at it this way…” I feel a little more supported in trying to answer my questions instead of just getting a data pull.

I’m looking forward to having more data conversations with the broader team, and getting the executive team rooted in our data and really comfortable with that data.

Tori Cole

VP Marketing, Cookies California

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